Everything About Online Games

Online games are more popular then ever!

It look like each day new computer online games are created. The problem gamers are facing now is which online game to buy? I remember back in 1982 when nobody had that difficulty! In fact, when I got my first computer there was no online gaming at all. Thinking of it, there were not too many regular computer games in stores either. We were not even thinking or talking about online games! You can’t miss what you do not know. Microsoft was starting. I wish I had bought some of their stocks then.

Yes, in those years, what we could call today the prehistoric age of computer gaming was not really user friendly. In fact you had to load a game from a cassette player (yes I said a cassette player) and we hoped for the best. Sometimes the download from the cassette player did not work. It took many tries and when we got lucky it took a long time to load, hey it was a big 4k program after all! My entire computer memory was 16k… but would you believe we were excited and hypnotized by the high technology behind it.

Computer Online Games – Nowadays

Now we about stopped counting the mega bytes, the pixels and the memory, who cares… we are mega everything and mega whatever is not too costly. But you know what? We had as much fun back then with less puny kilobytes than today with tons of them. Today we are kind of spoiled with new technologies coming out month after month after month. You purchase a brand spanking new mega everything best computer, a top dog monster actually but only months after, the beast will turn into a regular pooch then few months later it will transform into a poor puppy that can barely keep up with the quick moving new top dog computers behemoths… yes, such is life in the fast lane on the internet super highways where computers die fast after living only a short life. You can’t even count the loads of “high tech has-been” road kills on each sides of the superhighway. Get out of the way slow poke or die!

One day back in the prehistoric age of 1995, a new bright world emerged from the ocean of the dark lonely world of my computer desk. A new dawn. I remember clearly the first day I got my first modem. A big heavy cumbersome lighting fast 300 baud modem! The beast was loud and slow but it was fantastic because it opened up my small lonely computer world into a vast infinite internet great world by connecting me to a huge lifeline that will soon go around the globe. The online computer gaming period had just started! Whoo hoo it was super! I forgot to eat for a while and sleep became an option.