Easy Profits From Horse Racing For Tax Free Profits!

Do not think that paying BIG money for horse racing information will result in BIG profits. Usually, it is the reverse. I have a very simple system that is both profitable and the strategies are very simple indeed. For proof of this, just follow the steps shown below in this article.

There are many successful systems and strategies out there to help you profit from horse racing. But, the one below is free. All that you need to do is to do your research and follow the successful blueprint below.

This horse racing for tax free profits has been around for a long time. And it has been proven that you can make easy profits from horse racing for tax free profits. You have found the blueprint and now you must use it for easy profits from horse racing for tax free profits. Remember, this system is free to use for tax free profits. Its clear from past historical data that around 33% of favorites win. However, by adding some simple extra filters we can greatly enhance this strike rate. Follow these simple steps and you will soon make easy profits from horse racing for tax free profits.

1) Obtain a copy of the Daily Race Form.

2) Cross out all handicap races, sellers, auction races, maiden.

3) Delete all races that are over 9 runners. (9 is fine)

4) Out of the races that are left, you want to look at the favorite and make sure it has finished at least 1st or 2nd in its last race.

5) Make sure the favorite has run in the last 45 days or less.

6) The favorite must be priced at evens or bigger, if its odds on then pass on the race. I suggest that you stick with the above filters, however, you could even add your own filters if you feel that will improve your profits still further.